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Jeffrey Kaiser, CPP

Commercial, Headshot, and Branding Photographer.
Los Angeles, CA.

Logo for Professional Photographers of America and Certified Professional Photographer
A headshot of Los Angeles based actress Erin Harrington.  Clicking this photo will link you to Jeffrey Kaiser's headshot page of this site.
A gold colored Citizen watch with a blue face, set on a sparkling blue background.
A film poster for showing a couple holding hands in front of El Capitan.  This poster is for the short film, El Cap Wedding.  Clicking this poster links you to Jeffrey Kaiser's Film Poster page on this site.

"My ambition is to create that moment when someone or something is so beautifully encapsulated in light that it takes my breath away; then share it with the world."

I excel at creating headshots that stand out, dazzle, and infatuate your target audience.   Casting directors may look through thousands of photos to choose the right person.  Let me help you stand out from the crowd and capture their attention. 

Why hire me?

Well, you can see the difference!

These days, anyone with a smartphone can call themself a photographer but it takes years of study and practice to master the art and technical skill of photography.   Even among professionals, only a select few have the ability to call themselves Certified Professional Photographers.  CPP's are tested in many aspects of photography and design.  We must pass a proctored written exam as well as prove our technical expertise with a precise skills evaluation.  When you see the CPP logo, you can be sure you're hiring a true artist and master of their craft.



"Jeff is fantastic! From the moment I walked in to the studio to the day I received my edited headshots, I was remarkably happy with both the service and the final product.

During the shoot itself, Jeff made me feel absolutely comfortable and at-home in the studio space. And the photos really reflect that! For the commercial photos, he knew exactly what to say to help me bring out the natural smiles and laughs. And his understanding of ‘the right angles’, lighting, lenses etc... is remarkable. He tweaked minor things that really made my headshots pop! The sparkling pupils, flattering angles, contrasting backgrounds and depth of field I was hoping for—Jeff captured it all.

Jeff was also great at communicating throughout the entire process. He was quick to answer any questions I had, and his turnaround time on the edits was EXCEPTIONAL—even though he put so much time into fine-tuning each and every photo.

I am ecstatic about the final headshots, and I’m proud to say I have already been getting auditions with my new pictures. I could not recommend Jeff enough. If you’re looking for high quality, professional headshots that will be competitive in the actors playing-field, Jeff is your guy!"  

Rachel Benezra,  Actress & Writer

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