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Jeffrey Kaiser Auricchio, CPP

Jeffrey Kaiser Auricchio's headshot taken by Jeff Ellingson Photography.  Jeffrey Kaiser is wearing a blue flannel shirt and holding a Canon Camera.

My ambition for creating stunning digital images began over two decades ago.  I would trek into the wilderness of the southern Arizona desert or climb the vertical cliffs of Central Oregon as a means of escaping the monotonous yet ever-changing hardships of public safety.  No matter where I went, I had my trusted point-and-shoot camera at my side.  One day, I went looking for a simple computer program to stitch panoramic shots together (before smart phones were even a thing) and I found one.


I became overwhelmingly fascinated with Photoshop and its endless creative possibilities.  Social media pics of my friends were fair game and many found themselves depicted in some surreal comical environment.  It wasn’t long before I purchased my first digital SLR camera, a Canon Rebel T1i.  My goal was to have some higher resolution photos to work with on Photoshop but I gained so much more!  I became obsessed with light and how the camera preserves it in its true form, absent compensation from the human eye.  Over time, my passion for creating stunning photos in camera outgrew my obsession with Photoshop however I still thoroughly enjoy the retouching process.


My style of photography today combines my love of dramatic lighting and digital post-processing.  My ambition is to create that moment when someone or something is so beautifully encapsulated in light that it takes my breath away; then share it with the world.  I solely use Canon cameras and lenses as well as the most up-to-date Adobe editing software available.  Oh, and I still serve my community as an emergency medical technician.


There are a lot of people out there who buy a camera and a business card and call themselves photographers.  True artists spend years and years honing their skills learning to push beyond the capabilities of their equipment, just like you.  How many hours, days, years, have you worked tirelessly to become an actor, a business owner, a professional?  Your headshot, your brand, it’s the first impression your target audience will have of you.  I can’t stress enough, you need to hire a true artist who’s as passionate about their career as you are about yours.  


When you hire a Certified Professional Photographer, you know you're hiring a trusted professional who has proven their knowledge, skill, and technical mastery of their craft.  It's a difference you, your clients, and your loved ones will see. 

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