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  • Jeffrey Kaiser

Tip #2, turn off your image stabilization.

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Image stabilizer switch on a Canon lens
Capture sharper images by turning off image stabilization.

By now you're reading this and cursing at me, maybe with your outdoor voice even. Turn off the image stabilizer? How in the crap is that supposed to reduce camera movement? Hear me out, it's true.

Your camera's image stabilizer is designed to help you while shooting handheld. But, the camera doesn't know if your shooting by hand or if you have it locked down to a stury weighted tripod (see tip #1). When turned on, the image stabilizer is always trying to do its thing. That same mechanism can sometimes induce camera movement. This is especially true if you have a long lens where any movement at all can drastically reduce sharpness.

Trust me on this. Turn off the image stabilizer and let the tripod do the work for you.

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