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  • Jeffrey Kaiser

Tip #5, use mirror lockup on DSLR's

Tip #5 for shooting sharper images (this one's for all of us who don't have mirrorless cameras yet). Use mirror lockup. Read this tip to the end becasue its not recommended in all situaitons.

As mentioned before, the number 1 way to shoot sharper images is to reduce movement. When you look through the viewfinder of a DSLR camera, you're actually looking at a reflection on a mirror hanging down in front of the sensor. When you press the shutter button, that mirror has to flip up and out of the way. Even when locked to a tripod, that mirror movement can cause some camera movement. Using the mirror lockup feature prevents that movement from affecting your shot.

Here's the downside to this one. Using mirror lockup requires you to press the shutter twice. The first press moves the mirror out of the way and the second press of the shutter button takes the picture. You won't be able to see through the viewfinder between the two presses. Mirror lockup is not practical for a lot of types of photography but it works great in a portrait studio.

Or, you can buy a mirrorless camera. The Canon R series cameras are amazing!

Mirror lockup highlighted on a Canon DSLR menu
Capturing sharper images by using mirror lockup

Mirror lockup enabled on a Canon DSLR menu

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